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It's hard to believe, but she only became herself when she entered the role of the Slave. It was at this moment that she truly freed giada ass from the shackles of fear and guilt. Her fake life ended as soon as she put on the collar, her real giada ass full of freedom and insane passion began as soon as she. Knelt in front of the Master. I did not realize all this at once. Miriam did not hide anything, only expressed fears that I would leave her as soon as I got tired of messing with.

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And I will allow giada ass, with your permission, to write on her behalf. No, not really yet, but virtually. But he did it so tactfully, and most importantly, guessing my old dreams. Do not think, (she is addressing me) I am not at all such a promiscuous girl, or rather, you will not believe, in giada ass 23 years, I. Was still a virgin.

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