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Own 3-room furnished apartment. But over time, sex became less frequent, shorter, more boring, and gradually lost its sweetness and pleasure. On offers. For the purchase of sex toys, pathogens and lubricants - "NO!". To have sex with another or another in front zoe kazan boobs my eyes - "NO!". She did not speak to me for a day after I asked: "How many sexual partners did you have?" (I didnt marry her as a girl!).

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That is why Mia did not want to lose such a friend, despite the heap of problems, Olga would not have been. Olga, if she had not found a way "to eat a fish and sit down on a dick. " Moreover, the latter is in the literal sense of the word, that is, somehow bypassing (invented by her, say, for justice) the prohibition for a partner about vaginal sex. The next time we saw each other in the "Voskhod" complex, this time quite standard (a double bed with bedside tables on the sides. On one side, zoe kazan boobs coffee table with two armchairs in front of the TV on the other), and with the same organization of the beginning of the meeting (rented a roomsaid, and she soon drove up), then taking off her outerwear and greeting, Olga notified me with a sly smile: Who are they. - I responded with slight bewilderment. We had zoe kazan boobs conversation about group sex on the Internet, but we agreed that we would select a couple together and not this time, therefore, Olga, without my.

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