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She blushed and hid her happy eyes under a thin naked mel b, embarrassed to look her husband in the eye, and the bride at the wedding was ordered to behave modestly. And sit quietly, looking down. The first wedding night dispelled all the dreams of Leyla's happiness to smithereens. Until the morning, her husband did absolutely wild things with her, which the young lady had never heard of, but what is there. She hardly listened to mama's short lecture on sex education, dreaming of sinking through the earth from shame. Oscar was rough with her youthful body, and his penis was unbearably large for a virgin, over and over again pierced the hole intended naked mel b conceiving a child. Leila prayed only one thing - to get pregnant as soon as possible, so that the lascivious husband would leave her alone. But most of all, the young wife shocked the anal sex, which they were engaged in on their wedding night.

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