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Without writing, without informing, he just appeared at the door, smiling, destinyfomo hot hot a huge sports bag in his hand - and since it was I who opened the door, and I did not know him at alland never saw, so I stood and looked at him, waiting for explanations, but he did not give them to me - he just stood and smiled shyly. My husband appeared, and immediately recognized his cousin Nikifor, whom he did not expect to see alive - because he disappeared. For 5 years, did not call, did not write, and inquiries at the place of residence remained unanswered - and suddenly: he appeared alone in the early morning on the threshold of our apartment. Deep wrinkles furrowed his face, and short, gray hair, sticking out in different directions like a hedgehog, it was clear that his life was pretty. Battered, but still - he gave the impression of a cheerful elderly man, not yet old, full of strength and energy. Frankly, it was not even bad at all. Because today - my husband, also in the evening, had to go on a business trip, and for me and my husband, at first, while we still.

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