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Wow, indoor flowers. Only My name is Mikhail, I am 22 years old, my physique is thin, I have never really played sports, not a lot. Of football, not a lot of basketball. Started smoking and drinking alcohol early, as they say bad girls like bad boys. Now a little about his family, I would not say paola holmes nua she. Was bad, well, it is difficult to call her good, his older brother worked constantly, it is not clear where and it is not clear who, his mother was a nurse two days later, and his father went on seasonal earnings (who is not aware of this work on a rotational basis for the season, that is, for 6-8 months). His mother often drank and money seemed to be lacking for them, Im not saying that I was from a wealthy family, but we always had wealth and therefore sometimes I pulled out 100, 500 euros from my parents' wallet in the hope paola holmes nua they didnt notice. In most cases it was, well, sometimes I got paid for it in full.

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