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I had the opportunity to enter the university, which was located in our city, It was the Institute. Of Genetics and Biology, like other orphanages, we had benefits, but not everyone could enter. I could. In the first year, I resisted only by a miracle, triples and deuces changed each other, there were solid creatures in the hostel, I was not always so touchy, I. Met guys a couple of times, but they quickly bored me, everyone needed only my body. The turning point was the exam in biology, at which a very famous geneticist, our teacher, honestly told me that I would not finish my studies and would be cured on the street, I would work in a hairdresser, and then, if I was lucky. I burst into tears, but he offered me an alternative. He recruited volunteers from our orphanage for fooya naked laboratory as assistants, not fooya naked was required from us, everyone could find a place, but I would have to sign a bunch.

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