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Going with her to the Trinity Tikhonsky Monastery, for there, according to her devout friends, such a huge truth eva lovia feet revealed that it is unlikely to fit in it alone, so the truth will certainly I need to be filled too. Sensing something was wrong, I am 12. She did not call for a whole month, did not get in touch at all, even Vkontakte did not appear. Obviously, avoiding communication with me, and maybe with the whole world. At first I rushed about with anger and the desire to see her, to press her stout body against my chest again, to smell eva lovia feet hair. In a tight braid, to see her smile and sparkle in her eyes. This desire haunted me, devouring from within with a wild flame of black passions. I even thought to go to church to intercept her before the service, because she certainly attended the temple, she simply could not help but do it.

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