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Immediately, the thought flashed: "Ila neglected panties for a reason, and this time her somersault with a fork, it seems, was conceived in advance in order to pick up the peasant on a sexual hook. " I didnt know her before, but when Nina Ivanovna, inviting me with my blonde young wife, as if by chance whispered in my ear: There will be Ila. Recently I arrived from Israel. It will be interesting for you to chat with her. " I did not know Madame Lisyanskaya before, but I heard about her exploits on the love front. Therefore, I immediately realized that panties and a fork served as a certain nude pic poses for me, since her friend, perhaps, told her a. Bunch of tales about my exploits in this field. Nina Ivanovna tacitly approved such tactics in relation to nude pic poses men she knew, but she herself did not dare to establish a closer relationship with me.

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