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But here the alley, so green and cozy during the day, at night turned into a thicket of unkempt trees, overgrown beyond measure, drowning in darkness, illuminated by three or. Four lanterns at best. Their dim light was enough only to cast disgusting shadows on the ceiling of the nursery: they ady sweet nude to be teeming with their own. Vile life, resembling a disturbed nest of earwigs under the rotten bark of a dead tree. Despite the heat, Nina covered herself with a blanket up to her chin, ady sweet nude wondered how such harmless things as leaves and wind could create such disgusting patterns on the. Whitewashed ceiling. Something creaked in the closet. It was as if a cat that climbed there in the afternoon and slept serenely for ten hours, remembered its milk, and stretched, scratching its.

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